Who Can Buy EC in Singapore, Are You Eligible To Purchase?

To answer the question of who can buy EC in Singapore, it is probably good to backtrack a bit and understand who they were catered to initially. Executive condos were introduced by HDB back in 1999 for the upper-middle income group of home buyers. These buyers were looking for homes whose design and facilities are better than HDB flats, but yet unable to afford a private condominium.

There are many advantages to buying an EC in Singapore, one of which primarily is the idea that you are getting a private condominium at a subsidised price. There are also rules governing buying executive condominium that you ought to be aware of. The main purpose of HDB was and still is to help every Singaporean to have their own home. Since executive condominiums come under the jurisdiction of HDB, it follows that executive condos are meant for Singaporean buyers only.

To purchase an EC, you must comply with HDB rules and ensure that you are eligible to purchase. Executive condos are considered subsidized (apart from the CPF Housing Grant) and buyers must meet the criteria below:

1)      Citizenship

  1. Singapore Citizen + Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)

Applicants must consist of at least 1 Singapore Citizen. The other applicant can either be a Singapore Citizen or SPR.

2)      Age

  1. Age 21 years old and above
  2. Age 35 years old and above if applying under Joint Singles Scheme

3)      Family Nucleus

  1. Public Scheme
  2. Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme
  3. Orphan Scheme
  4. Joint Singles Scheme

4)      Income ceiling

  1. Gross monthly combined income $14,000 and below (w.e.f 24 August 2015)

From 2 March 2012, executive condominium developers have to set aside 70% of the units for first-timers during the initial launch period, the period where interested applications submit an e-application. The details of first-timer applicants and second-timer applicants are listed below

First-Timer Applicants

Both applicants in the purchase of the executive condo must not:

  • Be the owners of a flat bought direct from HDB, a DBSS flat or an Executive Condominium bought from the developer
  • Have sold a flat bought direct from HDB, a DBSS flat or an Executive Condominium bought from the developer
  • Have received the CPF Housing Grant for the purchase of an HDB resale flat
  • Have taken other forms of housing subsidy (for example, benefitted under the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme, privatisation of HUDC estate etc)

Second-Timer Applicants

You are considered a second-timer applicant if you or the other applicant in the purchase of the executive condo have owned, sold or currently owners of:

  • Any HDB flat that was bought from HDB, or
  • Any resale flat that was bought under the CPF Housing Grant Scheme, or
  • A DBSS flat or an EC bought from the developer, or
  • Have enjoyed other forms of housing subsidy (for example, enjoyed benefits under the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme, privatisation of HUDC estate etc.)

Note that for the purchase of an executive condominium, there is no resale levy on second-timer applicants. This applies to new EC projects launched after 2009, after the La Casa EC (Woodlands). Unlike HDB Build-To-Order (BTOs), second-timer applicants who purchase and executive condo need not pay the resale levy. Resale levy is a levy to ensure home buyers do not enjoy double subsidies when they purchase new, subsidized HDB flats twice.

If you have met the above and are sure that you are eligible to buy an executive condo, check out the steps to buying an executive condo.


  1. I am 24 years old single. My parents just sold off their HDB sale of balance flat. Can I buy an early sale before MOP EC that has already TOP on the market?

  2. I’m 32 years old SC.
    My basic is around $7,000.
    My parents own a 3 room HDB.
    Can I buy a new EC together with them?

    Alternatively, can I buy together with my sister?

  3. Hi, I am currently 29 intending to buy a EC full cash not taking up any loan. I am single, can I buy e EC and stating my parents as the essential occupiers? My parents owned a hdb unit and never brought any private property before.

  4. Hi, I own an EC. Can I still purchase any property in Malaysia? Is it need to wait after 5 years TOP or MOP? Thanks

  5. Hi,
    Can a 35 yr old single Singapore Citizen buy an EC?

    If yes, what are the limitations (e.g. no. of rooms)?


  6. Hi
    I am currently in my second marriage and am living in a house where my wife is the sole owner from the previous marriage.

    Am I able to get a EC under my own name?

  7. Hi there,

    Currently I own a private condo under my name & my sister’s (purchased 4 years ago while we are single). I am now married and my husband wish to buy EC under his own name. Can he buy new EC? If not, can he buy resale EC at least 5 years TOP under his own name? Note: Income ceiling requirement is met.

    Appreciate your advice, thanks!

  8. Both my sister and I are Singapore citizens and have not applied for HDB before as both of our spouses already each has a hdb unit under their names respectively before marriage (with parent). Can my sister and I apply for an EC together under the family nucleus scheme? Or it will be not allowed under the rule where each married couple can only own 1 hdb unit?

    • Correct, you will not be allowed to apply with your sister. Each married couple can only have 1 HDB unit/EC. HDB will consider the married couple as the family nucleus first.

  9. i am Singaporean 21 years old , can i join name with my father ( who owned a private property ) to form a family unit to buy EC ?

  10. Hi
    I’m single and intend to buy an ec with my parents but they have already bought from hdb twice and I understand that they’re uneligible but is it possible to appeal for an exemption? Or is it possible to form a family nucleus with a relative outside from my direct family to buy an ec?

    • Hi,

      You can try to appeal for an exemption but we do not know the success rate, as this is quite a rare form of appeal and we do not have enough statistics to draw any conclusion.

      Regarding purchasing with a relative outside your direct family, this does not fall into the Public Scheme which only applies to direct family members.

      You can purchase under the Joint Singles Scheme provided both Singles are:
      1) >35 years old
      2) Singaporeans

    • Yes you can, a DBSS is treated in the same way as a HDB. You still have to meet the MOP period for your DBSS flat and dispose off the DBSS within 6 months of taking possession of a new EC.

  11. Hi I am a 30year old single and plan to get an EC in 5 years time under joint single scheme. My Friend’s name is a second name for another HDB flat. Will she be able to get an EC with me (either new or resale EC) or she needs to remove her name, or etc.? Please advise. Thanks!

    • Depends on whether it’s a new EC or resale EC.

      If resale EC, your friend do not need to remove her name.
      If new EC, your friend will have to sell the HDB flat upon TOP of the new EC.

  12. Hi, Im a SC, currently owned a resale HDB bought from open market without grant, bought under single scheme.
    Now that I wished to buy a NEW EC with my husband (SPR), isnt possible? Can I still keep my HDB?

    Please advise.

  13. Hi,

    I’m currently 37, single and owned a private condo. Can I buy an EC if I sell off my current condo? What are the conditions I need to meet to buy an EC?

    • Depends on whether it’s a new EC, or resale EC.

      For new EC, you will have to wait for 30 months after selling the condo before you can purchase a new EC, and meet the eligibility conditions here Yann C Amanda

  14. Hi,

    My sister and I are 34 and 35 years old and we are single. Are we legible BTO for a EC under joint singles scheme?

  15. Hi,
    Iam SPR since 2009 and separated wife from Philippines, currently I have 9months old daughter relation from Singaporean Citizen had also separated from previous husband not yet divorce. We have to plan to buy EC for joint single schemes it is possible? or I can buy EC alone as single SPR. thanks

  16. Hi there,

    Is it possible for my fiancé and I to apply for an EC if he already has a 1-bedroom private condo unit under his name? If not, what are our options for an EC?

    Please advise and thanks in advance!

    • Hi Vanessa,

      If your fiance already has a private condo, you will not be able to purchase a new EC.

      The only way would be to sell the condo, after which you have a 30 month waiting period before you can purchase a new EC.

      However, you are still eligible for resale ECs 5 years and older and there is no restriction.

  17. Hi there, my wife and I are Singapore PR. We obtained our PR on 2015 (currently 2nd year into our PR). Can we purchase 2nd hand EC that have passed 5 year TOP or do we need to wait until 3 years into our PR? Thanks

    • Hi Albert,

      No you do not have to wait 3 years into your PR to purchase 2nd hand EC.

      You can look for ECs that are already 5 years from TOP date.

  18. I am Singaporean citizen, I am a divorcee from 1st marriage. Have a child from 2nd husband but not married. I never apply any HDB housing. My income is under the limit. Am I eligible to buy ECs ?


    • Hi,

      If you are talking about new EC, you are unable to purchase. You cannot purchase with your child from 2nd husband as you are not married to your 2nd partner.

      However, if both you and your partner are >35 years old and Singapore Citizen, you can purchase EC under the Joint Singles Scheme.

  19. Hi,

    I m 33 single singaporean, currently living in hdb owned by my dad. My mum is 2nd name for the current house which is fully paid. Can i still own an ec under the family nucleus plan. I plan to bring my parents with me but still keep my current dad hdb.

    • Hi Hairul,

      We will probably need more information as it isn’t clear. However based on the info provided, you will not be able to purchase an EC because your parents already have a HDB under their name.

      • ok, how about if i remove my mum’s name as the seond owner as the current hdb co owner, and myself and my mum to purchase a 1 bedroom ec. is that possible?

  20. Dear Sir,
    Currently I have fully paid my HDB resale flat and never took any grant before.
    Can I upgrade to a new EC under just my name?

    • Hi Dan,

      You cannot purchase a new EC under just your name, there is no such scheme available.

      It has to be under one of these schemes
      1) Public Scheme
      2) Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme
      3) Orphan Scheme
      4) Joint Singles Scheme

  21. Hi, I am a 25 year old, would I be able to purchase an EC after its 5 year maturity or am I only able to purchase a private condominium, please advise.

    • Hi Sean,

      Yes you can purchase a resale EC that is 5 years old from TOP date if you are a SC or SPR. For foreigners, you can only purchase 10 years from TOP date.

  22. hi, I am a PR here and i am single and just above 35 years old. may i meet the requirement to buy a EC which 5 years old.

  23. Dear Sir,

    My Wife (singaporean) and I SPR currently onw a resale HDB without grant, and household ceiling is below 14000, however I’m prosesses a property in Malaysia as my parent place for stay. It sounds we are not eligible to apply a new EC, am I right?

    If I dispose before EC application, does the 30months wait time count up to the date taking up prossesion of EC?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Hi Kim,

      Yes correct, you will not be eligible to apply for a new EC as you possess a property in Malaysia.

      Correct, the wait out time is 30 months from the time you dispose the private property, till the time of an EC application/purchase.

      Please contact us at admin@executivecondominiums.com.sg to see if we can assist you better on this.

    • Hi, you cannot purchase an EC at this point.

      You can only purchase an EC with another single if both of you are 35 years old, or you purchase with parents to form a family nucleus.

  24. Hi, my husband and i (both Singapore citizens) are currently separated. We jointly own a new EC currently and i have been staying in the EC after separation. If we hold the EC till 5 years after TOP, can i own the EC alone after divorce? What is the most cost effective way of transferring his ownership to mine in our case? Thanks.

  25. Hi, I am Singaporean and my wife is a Singapore PR. We have a property in Malaysia under joint name, the property is for her parent to stay.

    Understand there is a clause saying you must not own any property within the past 30 months in or outside Singapore. Would like to seek your advice on is there a way for us to purchase a EC? Is there any exceptional case from HDB to date?



  26. Hi!

    I am intending to buy a EC with my mother. My mother’s name will be the first name while mine is second. However, I have a private property. So, are we eligible?

  27. Hi. My husband is a SPR and I’m a Foreigner ( Malaysian ). Are we eligible to purchase an EC which is listed in the open market? How old should the EC be in order for us to buy in the open market?

    • Hi Angie,

      i) Yes you can buy an EC in the open market under your husband’s name only who is a SPR.
      ii)EC must be at least 5 years old from TOP date.

  28. Hi,

    I am 36 and Single.
    I am self employed and my income is above 15000 USD. (not singapore dollar)

    As i am self employed and not a salaried employee like most ppl here,
    do i meet the income ceiling expectation and can i buy a 5 room EC?

    I am not interested in purchasing a private condo, as it required at least 200k to 300k for upfront payment and other expenses cost like furniture, renovation.

    I am intending to buy 5 room EC to live with my parents.
    Pls provide advise.

    Thank you.

    • Hi David,

      i) As your income is above the ceiling of SGD14,000, you will not be eligible to purchase an EC. However, HDB may assess your case on a case-by-case basis.
      ii) You cannot apply an EC under your own name. You will have to apply with your parents, and your parents cannot own any HDB or private condominium.

  29. I have just obtained my PR in July 2016. I understand I can only buy EC which is 5 years old. Is that correct? And is it 5 years from TOP?

  30. Hi,

    just ventured on your site. I am turning 35 this may and single (and presumable staying single going forward) so i know BTO and DBSS is out of the question for me.

    My question is, am i eligible for buying resale EC? I am earning about SGD7200 monthly, has about SGD400k+ asset (of which 150k is CPF), excellent credit rating with no debt. Is EC possible for me or should i just go for a 4room resale HDB instead?


    • Hi Thomas,

      i) Yes you can purchase resale EC or resale HDB. You will not be entitled to any grants for resale EC, while you can enjoy Singles Grant of $15k for purchasing resale HDB.

      ii) With regards to which should you purchase, will be hard to advise based on just the above information. You may want to email us at admin@executivecondominiums.com.sg so we can understand your situation better.

  31. Hi. I own a Hdb with my wife with a subsidy for resale flats. I am currently working overseas as non sgd income while my wife is working in sg with mthly income of 6k. Can we still get a ec while keeping the hdb?

    • Hi Bnkt,

      You cannot keep both an EC and HDB. If you were to purchase a new EC, you will have to dispose of your current HDB within 6 months of collecting the keys to the new EC, otherwise referred to as the TOP date.

    • Hi IK,

      No you don’t require a minimum amount in your OA to purchase an EC. However, this will mean you have to pay the deposit of 5%+15% of the purchase price almost entirely in cash.

  32. Hi,

    I am 34 turning 35 this year, Singaporean and my husband is foreigner (non-PR and no long term visit pass). We are both working overseas, and we are paid in foreign currency and we are paying tax in the working country, no tax is paid in SG as our income does not come from SG.

    1. In my case, since my husband is a foreigner, I am not eligible to buy a new EC?
    2. If I am pregnant now and planning to have my child be a Singapore citizen, can we buy a new EC then, given our current status?
    3. Can my CPF be used to down payment or need 20% cash?
    4. Do I need to wait till 35 year old to apply for new EC?


  33. Hi, my fiance and I are still deciding on buying EC or HDB flat

    1) May I know the loan benefits between EC and HDB
    2) Currently, my fiance owns HDB flat and staying with his mom. Will there be any difficulties applying EC and what kind of loan can we apply? Bank loan? And is there any CPF grant if buying EC.
    3) If yes there’s CPF housing grant, is it advisable if I as first time applicant apply for EC as main owner cause’ my fiance do not have CPF contribution.
    4) If I register myself as owner of EC, can my Fiance keep his HDB flat? And what are the pros and cons we should anticipate?

    • Hi Nur,

      1) The loan differences is that for HDB, you can opt to take HDB loan or bank loan.
      For EC however, you can only take bank loan and are unable to take HDB loan.

      2) As your fiance currently owns a HDB flat, if you were to purchase an EC, he would have to transfer the HDB flat to his Mother, or they would have to sell off their HDB flat upon TOP of the EC.

      3) There is a CPF housing grant of up to $30k for first-timers only. Depending on your fiance exact status, if he is a 2nd-timer, then you will not be eligible for any grant too. Your fiance will have to be listed as a co-owner with you.

      4) You will need to register both yourself and your fiance as owner, hence he cannot keep his HDB flat.

  34. Dear Sir,

    My husband and I are working overseas, his basic is near but not over 14000SGD(30 years old), and my basic salary is 5200SGD(28 years old), he has apply citizenship and I am a PR. Because I am pregnant, if his Citizenship approved and I quit my job in the near future, can we buy a new EC ?

  35. I am Singaporean citizen, I am never married, I have one child with me. I never apply any HDB housing. My income is under the limit. I don’t own any other houses anywhere else. Am I eligible to buy ECs ?

  36. I’m a Sporean and had taken 2 subsidy before fm previous marriage. My hub is a PR. Can my hub purchase a new EC under his name with me?

    • Hi Rita,

      As you have take 2 housing subsidies already, you and your husband will not be able to purchase a new EC unless you have obtained approval from HDB.

  37. I was listed as 3rd owner with my parents when we get a BTO flat 4 years ago. My MOP is 1st April.

    I read up a little about Executive Condominium but did not really get my answer,

    After 1st April, can I submit application to get a new EC (since I am listed as 3rd owner?

    If I am successful in the application of a new EC, can I keep the current ownership as the 3rd owner? Or do I have to remove myself as the 3rd owner? What can you advise me if i want keep the HDB?

    Thank you for attending to my queries and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Mr Jo,

      Your situation is a little bit complex, and we will need more information such as whether it’s a 1st BTO, 2nd BT0 etc.

      Q1) Yes you can submit application to purchase a new EC (provided you meet the other necessary conditions)

      Q2) You cannot own both an EC and a HDB at the same time. Therefore, you have to remove yourself as the 3rd owner.

      Please contact us at admin@executivecondominiums.com.sg for us to understand your case better and advise accordingly.

  38. We are married couple (husband is Singaporean and wife a PR). Our combined income is S$14750.00 per month, can we still apply for new EC? We will let go our current HDB , do we still need to pay ABSD as wife is a PR?

  39. Hi ECSG,

    I bought a private property alone before my marriage in year 2012. Currently, i m married, is it possible for me to buy a new EC with my hubby? or is there any ways for me to do so?please kindly advise.

    • Hi Ferlyn,

      ECs are meant for the sandwich class who are unable to afford a condo, yet aspire to own one.

      As you already own a private property, you and your husband will not be eligible to buy a new EC.

      You will have to sell your current private property, and wait 30 months before you are eligible to purchase a new EC.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hi Z,

      If you are a first or second-timer, and you meet all the other eligibility conditions (Singaporean family etc), you will be eligible to buy an executive condominium.

      Please check your email for more information.

  40. Hi ,

    I intend to own a 5 -years EC but at the moment I have a private condo under my name. Can I use my name to buy this EC? Otherwise, can I use my Wife (PR) currently a house Wife to buy ?

    Please advice,


    • Hi John,

      The same rules for condos apply to resale ECs 5 years old. You can use your own name to buy this EC, or your wife (PR) can purchase it too.

  41. Hi, my wife and my income when combined exceeds $12000. But I am working overseas. Can my income earned overseas be excluded from the income ceiling calculation?

    • Hi Ray,

      Generally, they will assess the income based on your payslip/CPF statement or if you are working overseas, then your payslip and income tax statement in Singapore.

      However, even if the combined income exceeds $12,000, you are still eligible to buy EC because the income ceiling is now $14,000 and not $12,000.

      You can drop us an email directly at admin@executivecondominiums.com.sg for us to assist you better. Thanks!

  42. Hi –

    My wife and I married 4 years ago. We both owned individual properties before we got married. (She -> Private & I -> HDB, BTO, with my mum with no subsidies as we were considered a 2nd time buyer back then. She disposed her first HDB and moved in with me)

    Since then, my wife has replaced my mum as the co occupier (not co owner) of my HDB flat, with approval of HDB and my mum has gone ahead to purchase another resale property.

    So my question is – Since my wife already has a private property, can I sell my current HDB flat and purchase a EC, jointly with her ? Probably still as a 100% owner, with her as the co occupier ?

    Please advise.

    • Hi SKS,

      The situation may seem quite complex, but it’s quite simple actually.

      You and your wife are unable to purchase an EC because:
      -For husband and wife, they have to purchase an EC and both MUST be owners.
      -Since your wife already has a private property, the both of you won’t be eligible to purchase an EC since one of the potential owners already has a private property

  43. Hi dear,

    My husband, PR and I who dependent pass of spouse can buy resale (5 years) EC even we have Private condo which TOP is end of 2016??

    – If Yes, when we can buy resale EC ?
    – Under husband name?
    – Can use CPF?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Suzan,

      Yes your husband can buy resale EC which must be at least 5 years old
      1) Resale EC can only be purchased under your husband’s name only
      2) Yes can use CPF, subjected to TDSR (Total Debt Servicing Ratio) rules

  44. Hi,
    I owned a hdb bought from hdb directly, met 5 years MOP already, my question:
    1) can i buy new EC?
    2) do i have to sell off my exisiting HDB flat after i collect key for the EC ?
    3) can i buy EC that is older than 5 years, without selling my existing HDB flat?

    Thanks for your advice.

    • Hi Sze,

      1) Yes you can buy a new EC, provided you currently do now own any private condominium
      2) Yes you have to sell off your existing HDB flat upon key collection for the EC
      3) Yes you can buy EC that is older than 5 years old without selling your existing HDB flat, additional buyer stamp duty (ABSD) is payable

      Please drop us an email at admin@executivecondominiums.com.sg if you would like our agent to assist you. Thanks!

  45. Hi,

    I am a PR and my wife is Malaysian. From previous comments I understood that I can buy a resale EC with more than 5 years old. My question is: Do I need to sell off my other properties in Malaysia in order to buy a resale EC with more than 5 years (but less than 10 years)?

    • Hi Maxwell,

      No you do not have to sell off your other properties in Malaysia.

      You can treat a resale EC more than 5 years old as a private condominium. You can own properties elsewhere and still purchase a resale EC.

    • Hi Fiz,

      To co-own a resale EC will not be any problem.

      5 years old EC eligible for Singaporeans and PR
      10 years old EC eligible for Singaporeans, PRs and Foreigners

  46. My new BTO will be coming in 2018. My wife and I did not get any grant.

    When will be the earliest I can purchase an EC?

    Can purchase as an individual or must purchase as a couple?

    • Hi Kingsley,

      You must first fulfil the MOP period of 5 years for your new BTO. Hence the earliest you can purchase a new EC will be in 2023.

      When did you purchase the BTO?

  47. If my spouse and I wishes to buy a EC is it possible? we are both of age 24, 27 respectively. both males.

    appreciate the feedback.

    Thank you.

  48. Hi,

    May i know if i can buy a new launch EC under me(Singaporean) and my wife(PR)? It will be our very first flat.

    Any restrictions need to take into consideration ?

    Many thanks.

  49. Dear Sir,

    Can I as a second time applicant apply to purchase an EC direct from developer. My family (Spouse and I plus 2 child) is currently staying in private condominium.


    John S

  50. Hi,
    My husband and I are Singaporeans and have bought 2 flats so far. First one is a resale hdb flat and 2nd one is new DBSS. Can we still buy new EC?


    • Hi JY,

      It depends on whether the first resale flat is bought with subsidy, and also whether you took grants when purchasing the new DBSS.

      If you were to purchase the new EC with your husband, you will have to sell off the resale HDB and DBSS.

      You can drop us an email at admin@executivecondominiums.com.sg so that we can understand your situation better. Thank you.

    • Hi Eileen,

      Yes you can provided

      1) HDB has met the 5 years MOP already
      2) You are either 1st or 2nd Timer (have not purchased more than 2 HDBs with subsidy or direct from HDB)
      3) You do not currently own a private condominium

      This is just a guide and we will need to know your situation more to advise better. Thanks!

  51. Hi Myself and my wife had purchased HDB flat and full amount is settled. Now can I buy another EC on resale with my son (21 years old working). All of us are Singaporean

    • There are no restrictions for you to purchase resale EC as long as there are more than 5 years old.

      You can purchase by yourself, or together with your son.

  52. Hi,
    I’m single PR, can i buy resale EC under my own name ? Can i use my cpf to buy ?

    I still need to pay ABSD for 1st timer as PR, right ?

    Pls advise. Thanks

    • Hi Nicole,

      Yes you are eligible to buy resale EC that are at least 5 years old from TOP

      All other rules apply, ie
      1) Can utilize CPF up to 15% of the initial downpayment
      2) ABSD payable under PR rules for 1st timers

    • Hi Ivy,

      He can buy a new EC provided he can meet one of these 4:
      1) Public Scheme (family)
      2) Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme
      3) Orphan Scheme
      4) Joint Singles Scheme

      He cannot purchase a new EC under his own single name.

  53. My wife own a pte ppty under her own name.
    I just sold away my pte ppty in 2016.

    1) Will I be barred from buying EC which are more than 5 yrs old?
    If yes, how many months?

    2) Must I form a family nucleus to buy EC which are more than 5 yrs old


    • Hi Martin,

      An EC more than 5 years old (from TOP) can be considered as under private property rules. Therefore,
      1) You can purchase an EC more than 5 years old, provided you are a Singapore/PR only
      2) You need not form a family nucleus, can buy under individual name

      Best regards,
      Executive Condominiums Singapore

      PS: Have removed your contact number for your confidentiality purpose

  54. ◾5 years from TOP: Eligible to sell to Singaporeans and PRs only ===> My question : PRs can buy EC under one name if spouse is Malaysian?

    Any other term and conditions? Can use cpf money to buy?

  55. For hubby 43 yrs old and wife 36 yrs old to buy ec whose age will be counted for how much loan they can take ?will avg of both ages counted ?

  56. Dear Sir

    My queries is can I as the 2nd time applicant purchase EC direct from developer even though I have ever sold my HDB flat and currently own a landed property?

    If not, can i purchase resale EC?
    Both me and my spouse are Singaporeans.
    Pl advise.

    • If you are a 2nd time applicant, you can purchase an EC direct from developer. However because you own a landed property currently, you are not eligible to purchase an EC direct from developer.

      Yes you can purchase resale EC that is 5 years old from TOP date.

        • Hi Bhuvna,

          To be eligible for new EC, at least one person must be a Singaporean.

          However, your husband should be eligible to purchase resale EC that are more than 5 years old.

          • 1) Yes, you can use your CPF
            2) It’s a normal resale condominium procedure. Just look for ECs that TOP in year 2011 or before that, those are available for PRs to purchase.

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