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The quick answer is ‘No’.

You are eligible to buy a resale EC that is more than 5 years old and less that 10 years old. This would mean that the resale EC has already reached its MOP of 5 years.

However, you have to meet the eligibility condition to purchase a resale EC. You have to be a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Residence (SPR) to purchase a resale EC.

5 years old < resale EC < 10 years old, eligible for SCs and SPRs.

Yes you can.

PRs can buy resale EC that are more than 5 years old without any restrictions.

Of the initial 20% down payment, 5% have to be paid in cash while the balance 15% can be paid either using cash or CPF. If you choose to pay by CPF, only the Ordinary Account (OA) can be used. The Special Account (SA) cannot be utilized to pay the 15% down payment.

For buyers above 55 years old, please note that you have to set aside the prevailing minimum sum before being able to utilize your CPF monies. If there are two buyers involved, each buyer must set aside half of the prevailing minimum sum (currently at $139,000). The minimum sum consists of monies from both your OA and SA.

If you have sold your private condominium within the last 30 months, you are not eligible to purchase an EC as executive condos follow HDB Rules and regulations. The rules state that you are not eligible to buy a BTO or Executive Condominium if you have disposed of your private property within the last 30 months.

If you have just recently purchased your EC, you cannot rent out within the first 5 years. Buyers must fulfill the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) before they are allowed to rent out their executive condominium. (Find out more here).

You can however rent out individual rooms while you are staying in the executive condo.

Buyers who purchase Dual Key units from ECs launched before 12 January 2013 can rent out one units while staying at the other unit. Since 12 January 2013, new measures were introduced to to restrict Dual Key units to multi-generation families only. Buyers of executive condominiums subjected to this rule cannot rent out any of the dual key unit.

He/she cannot purchase a new EC under his/her own single name.

This is because husband and wife have to purchase the new EC as owners together, under 1) Public Scheme (family). Hence if 1 person owns a private property, they are unable to purchase an EC.

Foreigners are not eligible to buy new ECs. However, they can purchase ECs that have already attained their TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit) for 10 years or more.


  1. Hihi,

    Currnlently my bto hdb has just reached 5 years already. Would it still be possible I retain my hdb and I source for a used EC that is between 5-9years of its MOP?

  2. Hi

    I’m a Singaporean, and my wife a PR. Both of us have a property oversea. Can I still buy a resale EC, say the resale EC is in its 6th year?


  3. Hi we bought our EC 3 years ago but we will be relocating overseas for a year. Is it possible to rent out our EC? Or can we rent out the whole unit except the master bedroom?

  4. Hi, I just moved in the new EC 1 yr ago and now i am posted for oversea job. And i just gotten HDB approval to rent out my new EC for 2 years. Do i need to fullfill MOP for additional 2 years for the time i rent out my EC?

  5. Hi, I am a new SC and my spouse is SPR. We looking for an EC. May I know any balance EC are available and average how much for 3 / 4 room, please?

  6. I am Singaporean own a private condo. Can I buy a resale EC (5 Years) with my husband (SPR)? How many percent of Downpayment I need to pay? Do I need to pay the ABSD?

    • Yes you can, it’s considered a private property and you have to follow the loan and ABSD as that of getting a 2nd private property.

  7. I currently own an EC bought directly from developer. Can we purchase a new EC during launch and if yes, when do we need to sell our current place?

  8. Please send me the list of resale ECs that have already attained their TOP for 10 years. How can I make a loan to buy one available? How much down payment should I make? What’s the maximum loan percentage can I make?

    • Are you a Singaporean, PR or foreigner?

      You can rent out the whole unit if you are eligible to buy resale EC, no restrictions.

      There is no MOP for resale EC.

    • Hi, yes you can purchase a new EC even if you currently have a HDB flat.

      Minimum cash to prepare is 5% of the price, however more may be needed depending on how much CPF you have, as well as the loan you are eligible to take.

      You may want to email us at admin@executivecondominiums.com.sg to provide us with more details.

  9. Dear Sir
    My wife and I owned a HDB flat that we bought directly from HDB 12 years ago. The HDB flat had been fully paid 4 years ago (no more installment).

    Thus will I and my wife be eligible to purchase a new or resale EC without having to sell away our HDB flat. Do I need to pay any levy or ‘fines’ when purchasing the new/resale EC.

    Looking forward to your advice. Thank u

    • Hi Riduan,

      When you purchase a new EC, you will have to sell away your current HDB flat. Resale levy is applicable depending on your current flat type.

      If you were to buy a resale EC, you do not need to sell your current HDB flat. No resale levy applicable for purchase of resale EC.

  10. Hi. Quick question on behalf of my parents. They are elderly and own a private property but want to downgrade. They have never bought from HDB before. They would like to try for an EC.

    Regarding the 30 month wait after selling private property, does it mean they cannot even apply etc let’s say for an EC that is due to finish 30 plus months from now? For instance could they sell their private property and apply for an EC that completion date is more than 30 months after the sell date on the private property? Thanks!

    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your question. Yes, you can only apply for an EC 30 months after selling a private property. This is the case even if an EC is due to finish 30 months or more from now.

      We will need to better understand your situation to give appropriate advice for your parents.

  11. Hi Sir/Madam,

    I own a private apartment now.
    I want to sell it & purchase 2 units of EC.
    Please advise how to go about.

    Thank you

    • Hi Billy,

      Sorry you are unable to do that. If you own a private apartment, you can sell it but you will only be eligible to buy EC after 30 months.

      After that, you can only purchase 1 unit of EC and not 2 units.

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