How to use the above loan repayment table:

Assuming you are purchasing a 3 bedroom executive condominium for $800,000. Eligible buyers may take up to an 80% mortgage loan if they suit the criteria ($640,000).

Check the corresponding Repayment Amount based on the Interest Rate against the Loan Tenure you intend to take in the table above. Note that the figure is per $100,000 loan quantum.


Example for a $640,000 loan, 30 years loan period, at an interest rate of 2.5%

To calculate, simple take $640,000/$100,000 * $395 = $2,528 monthly repayment.


Please note that the figures in the table are an estimate only. You should always contact a mortgage banker for detailed calculation on your loan eligibility, loan amount, current interest rate and monthly loan repayment.